returning to her

Can one return to her whole self? Recover from trauma?


The story of one woman who decided she wanted to discover who she really is underneath all the trauma put upon her.

And what she has learned from her deep dive into healing.

Why would you like this site?

You feel lost and alone with your trauma and want to find others that get it.
Questioning what is right and normal when healing.
You want experiences and stories from another person like you who is in it.
Looking for links, groups, resources, education, and other information that will help you on your journey.
You enjoy hearing stories of finding yourself again.
Reading about women restoring their power from the patriarchy intrigues you.

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About Laura Rose and Her

Having dealt with just about every kind of trauma out there, I am determined to reclaim my power stolen from me. This site is my story. It is also the collection of my endless research on trauma, abuse, healing, and its impact on women in particular.

Since 2016, I’ve been in intensive therapy and a personal quest to learn all about healing. Prior to that, I was a Pilates rehabilitation therapist for injury and chronic pain. I was also educated as a holistic nutritionist. What I’ve discovered is our suppressed trauma is the missing key to overcoming physical and mental distress.

My blog is where I share my stories and experiences.

Healing Trauma is my collection of therapies, theories, and educational sources on recovery.

Her: Woman Power is my passion for women returning to their innate power suppressed by the patriarchy.

Healing in Action is my practice. I’m now combining everything I know from my professional years with my current experience healing trauma to create a somatic based practice that involves movement, environment, energetic connection, and emotional attunement. This page is a first step into my practice.

To dive deeper into healing in action, follow me on Patreon where I share videos on resourcing, safe emotional and sensory expression, embodied exercises, and finding your own intuitive energetic way of reclaiming your body, mind, and innate power.

If you like what you see here, donate to help run this site. There is no pressure. I am passionate about sharing stories and providing resources on healing from harm. I spend a lot of time creating content. If you like what I do, I would appreciate funds to allow me more time to produce this work.

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