A matriarchal spring equinox sermon

Birth of new life afer hibernation and birth of new life through the female species

The spring equinox is here. How about a matriarchal sermon to honour her?

Mother Nature is returning from hibernation to re-bloom life onto the earth. Animals are coming out of their dens and soon will be mating. While women can give birth all year long, I like to use this time of year to honour our divinity of creation. I made this poem.

matriarchal spring equinox sermon

The real garden of Eden.

From mother earth’s womb to the female’s womb.

From one creator to another.

We birth the infant as the tree of life births the fruit.

The serpent sends the seed of wisdom and the seed of life itself.

The world feeds us and we feed the fetus.

The circle of life over and over again.

Divinity in biology.

Goddess in action.

Matriarchy is the livelihood of wholeness.

– Laura Rose

The picture is not mine. Credit goes to the unknown artist.

matriarchal spring equinox sermon

What about women who cannot or choose not to give birth?

This still applies. The blueprint is there, written in every cell of our bodies. The energy of creation lives in us and is far greater than just our reproductive parts, although that is where it is centred. But as Mother Nature never works in isolation, neither does our reproductive system. The blueprint for divine creation rests in every female species and every part of our bodies. We can tap into that without the physical act of pregnancy and birthing a new human.

I do. I do not have children, but I feel the energy of motherhood and creation whenever I go deep into myself to heal my inner child wounds, write a new piece, draw, or create something in my life. I feel it when I get involved in activism like a mama bear would fight for her cub. I acknowledge that my act of creation is not the same as actual mothers who birth children, but the blueprint is something I connect to my version of creation.

All types of creation are valid. All are to be honoured and valued. All need to be held up as the patriarchal world holds up the sky god. Females are the real gods here on earth; we need them to survive. Mother Nature and mother in female species nourish us with life.

What if the mother figure is a hard one to grasp due to trauma from our own mother?

I hear you. It can be brutally hard to connect to the part of us that creates and sustains life when we come from someone who did nothing to help us grow and flourish. I am part of this group too. My mother was what some literature calls “a death mother” with a desire to destroy instead of build.

But the blueprint is grander than any single mother, and it is Mother Nature in female form. It is wired into our cells from millions of years of evolution.

This is what I tune into when I work with my inner mother. I tune into Mother Nature and her wisdom and apply it to myself. I tune into my intuition and biological instinct that Mother Nature gave me and listen. Then I follow her lead.

I also tune into books and platforms that speak of matriarchal power. I use them as my bible. They mentor me into the person I long to be: whole, grounded, creator, and lover of life. Here are some of my favourite books. They are full of divine female wisdom.

A spring experience

As spring arrives, we do a bit of spring cleaning in our house. I want to propose a ritual of spring tending to ourselves. What if we took time to read a book or develop practices that return us to her – the woman creator in all of us? Can we return to Mother Nature as she blooms and births new life? Spring is a time of renewal, and I can’t think of a better practice than renewing the raw, core energy within us.

Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox! matriarchal spring equinox sermon

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