A matriarchal Sunday sermon

Healing is about expansion, not ascension

Mother Nature heals expansively

I used to want to ascend. Now I want to expand.

I used to view growth, spirituality, health, and relationships as something to ascend to, like climbing a ladder of success. Life was to be achieved instead of enjoyed.

It’s hierarchical thinking, a value of the patriarchy, that has infected every aspect of our lives. Ascending is an artificial concept designed around power-over rather than power-with. It goes against the very nature of who we are and our natural world.

Mother Nature does not live in a hierarchy, nor does humanity when we live according to her laws. Only when man decided to conquer nature instead of honouring her did we start generations of chronic illness, abusive practices, and nervous systems stuck in trauma for a lifetime.

Healing requires returning to Mother Nature

My healing journey unravels the conditioning of patriarchal hierarchy as I discover my body craves real connection and raw living. My body tells me daily to return to living whole and true. I long to return to what gives me life: Mother Nature.

She does not live in a hierarchy but in expansive connectedness between the elements. Every species lives in the circle of life, not a pyramid of power. All life forms have a purpose of being exactly who they are, not some “improved” idea of who they should be.

Yes, I wish to expand. I want to feel the energy that connects me to the ground, air, sun, plants, animals, and people around me. I want to accept rather than improve myself as my core being is great enough as she is, and she knows much more than me.

I wish to shred the idea that I need to achieve success on a man-made ladder and instead feel everything I already have by living in the present.

I wish to expand into myself and my life instead of contracting into a false ideal of ascension.

Returning to Mother Nature worksheets

I created these worksheets as I practiced using the elements of nature to regulate my nervous system. These exercises move me out of dissociation, tension, and rumination. I find more expansiveness in my body and mind to feel myself instead of thinking myself into being.

These exercises are meant to go from paper to our environment. It’s important to feel it out in our body and nature as well as write it out for intellectualizing.

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