Animal visits and healing trauma

An animal visited me today as I’m working on finally healing my deepest traumas with a newfound settlement.

I’m listening to a course on trauma during prenatal development and its effect on adults. I’m finally understanding some of my deep-seated trauma and can feel a rise and fall of the terror in my navel for the first time when “what if” fears ruminate in my mind.

While contemplating my experience, a hawk appears outside my balcony window. How fitting, I think and wonder what it means.

To the hawk…. Yes, thank you for visiting me. Thank you, Mother Nature, again, for attending to me. I am blessed to have you near.

I felt shivers and smiles as I watched it fly away. And a new settlement of ease in the pit of my stomach that everything is well.

I opened a new neural pathway in my core wounds, ready to heal.

The Course

This is the course I’m taking. I recommend it for anyone dealing with CPTSD.

“When our psychological identity is built on the shaky foundation of an early traumatized physiology, an integrated psychobiological approach to healing is necessary. This course highlights the primary role of the body and emphasizes its equal importance to the mind. It builds a vital bridge between our verbal and nonverbal selves in order to address early emotional and relational trauma.” – From the website above.

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