Are the mentally ill actually ill?

Are the mentally ill actually ill?

Are the mentally ill actually ill or do they carry the projected harm done to them? Whenever I read psychology diagnoses, all I see is internalized shame and abuse. But then I read the history of abuse patterns, I see why people with mental distress are in distress.

Example: Does someone have borderline personality disorder with severe abandonment issues, impulse problems, and extreme mood swings? Or did someone repeatedly abandon them, push them to make decisions they couldn’t, and wouldn’t allow them to express their emotions?

Example: Does someone have depression with severe numbness, lack of motivation, poor life skills, and inability to function? Or did someone force them to shut down repeatedly and they learned to stay silent and isolated to avoid further harm? Perhaps staying in their bedroom?

Example: Does someone have OCD and anxiety with poor control, self-destruction behaviours, and inability to stay calm? Or did someone repeatedly control their actions and emotions to the point that the only option to survive was to destruct themselves so others wouldn’t?

Example: Does someone have ADHD with poor focus, massive internal rumination, and low self-esteem? Or did someone repeatedly force them to do tasks above their capacity and ask them to handle stuff they shouldn’t of had to?

I could go on. The more I read about abuse, the less I believe psychological theory. It’s all projected harm. Then I read the history of psychology and psychiatry and I confirm that it’s based on violating vulnerable, hurt people, making them rely on “fixing” themselves. Classic abuse strategy.

The only viable psychological therapy is trauma-informed therapy whereby healing the harm done to the victim is the sole focus, not pathologizing and “managing” a “sick” person. It’s healing me and others. Check out my site if you’re keen to read more.

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