It’s ok to not be the bigger person with a bully

It's okay to not be the bigger person; just don't return that energy to the innocent. I talk about Gaza, Britney Spears, and people healing from abuse.

Something is wrong with me – her breakthrough

The Breakthrough Story "There is something wrong with me," she repeats over and over again. She desperately needs to find a solution to fix herself and return to normal functioning like she should be. The existential dread consumes her, but she does not realize what it means. It gnaws at her like a parasite, draining … Continue reading Something is wrong with me – her breakthrough

Working with attachment issues alone

It seems counterintuitive but often with trauma survivors, we don't have secure attachments to work with. How to work with them alone.

Is your nervous system short circuiting?

I feel like I'm on the verge of overheating, fire, and explosion. I get this recurrent thought that I will forever be lost if I venture into this short circuit, like a death sentence or lifetime of insanity. I will explode if I feel this out.