Glory to the Witches

Happy Samhain Day!

Happy Samhain day to all pagans, wiccans, and witches.

While influences of patriarchy love to shame witches by imagining them as devils spawn in black robes and green skin, witches are actually women who seek the darkness in the shadows to heal them. Different methods are chosen based on the affinity of the witch: herbal medicine, mid wives, spiritual healers, energy workers, trauma therapists, and so much more.

Witches have to strength and courage to go where many will not; into the depths of despair and suffering to heal it and bring it back to light. I revere all witches as they are goddesses of the natural world. All women are. Witches take it to the next level.

So this Sunday, a day made for celebrating male deities and today, mocking the witches on Halloween, I declare returning this day back to the real divine: Mother Nature and her cycles of life, witches who work with them, and women who hold this power in their very core.

Happy Samhain.

– Laura Rose

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