Healing in Action

Healing in Action is my practice. I’m combining everything I know from my professional years as a Pilates rehabilitation exercise therapist with my current personal experience of healing trauma to create a radical based practice. It involves movement, journaling, environment, energetic connection, and emotional attunement. This page is a first step into my practice.

Dip your toe into the waters. I focus on bringing ourselves back to our bodies, our environment, and our non-primal minds of learning. This is a huge part of my journey as I suffered greatly from dissociative disorders. To avoid the trappings of trauma I had to live through, I dissociated into parts of my mind to survive. I’ve had to unravel (and still do) many, many layers of disconnection from myself and my world. These resources are few of the many ways I do it.

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Rings of connection

An exercise of belonging. Scribble names and places that feel like these rings. Try to feel it out from your heart and instinct rather than your mental “should” list. Listen to your body. Does it feel open and accepting when you say a name or clenched and guarded? Does this name feel very close to you like home or is it more like an acquaintance that you sometimes visit when you need a little lift and fun? Is this individual someone who helps you or someone you enjoy helping? Anything goes; pets, objects, landmarks. I used people as the example but you may expand on that if you wish.

This is a free download.

Pause and presence

Exploring mindfulness in deeper context as we pause and be present with uncomfortable experiences in our body to build flow and self soothing. There are 4 steps to this exercise:

  • How to find the pause in your life and what to feel for
  • Attuning to your needs in the presence of your body and environment
  • Taking it deeper to discover grounding and calming elements in your environment
  • Soothing and de-escalating the uncomfortable parts of yourself by conneting your inner presence with your grounding environment

There are further instructions in the worksheet. Lots of places to journal about your practice and re-print for further note.

This is a paid product of $2.


Enjoy a video I took in Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. The fires created the smoky atmosphere but I managed to get one minute of pure mother nature sounds. No man made sounds. I often listen to this to get some sensory bliss. My nervous system calms down and I feel more connected to myself and my environment.

Pure Mother Nature Sounds – No Man Made Sounds

Witness what the nervous system looks like moving from freeze to fight/flight to flow in my puppy learning how to swim. She moves from fear of potential trauma to discovering swimming with a great teacher who is titrating her experience to make it safe and fun.

Puppy goes from freeze to flow as she learns to swim!

I show what releasing trauma waves look like and how the end point is bringing back in the love. You can see how my nervous system changes from the beginning of the video to the end. I start off more frantic and I end up calm. I discuss why one needs to integrate love to complete the process.

Releasing trauma isn’t the end point, bringing in the love is.

Blog, news, and support

Join others, and start your journey today.


Blog, news, and support

Join others, and start your journey today.