Her: Women Power

Our patriarchal world is one of power and struggle. 10,000 years of suffering so deep in the hands of people and institutions designed to feed the few and starve the rest of us (emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and socially), we are a society deep in harm. 

Women are the oldest and deepest bearers of patriarchal shame. Pushed into near oblivion as we live for the desires of others while struggling to survive. Our traumas are as varied as we are but hold the same principle: deny ourselves while serving others. 

But that pressure builds volcanos and in the right time, we are ready to burst; to reclaim ourselves as we are and the power we are meant to hold in society. After all, we are literally the creators of life like all of earth’s female forms. Imagine how we would be, how the world would be, if we could live by that creation. 

My vision

I dream of the day when women roar like the picture above. When we are not bound by our anger and fear and let it fly out with every shaking voice.

The more I heal, the more I am connected to my inner warrior goddess. She is my life force yearning to smoke out the injustice and bring back liberation to myself and all women.