Ideal Trauma Informed Model of Care

If I could design an ideal trauma informed model of care, this is what it would look like.

Trauma Informed Care

From the depths of despair and abandonment from the industry, lack of effective support systems, and severe misunderstanding of what causes illness, especially mental illness…. I have used my experiences as a mapping point to healing trauma. Of course, this is my interpretation and is not based on scientific research. Here is what it is based on:

  • Listening to thousands of stories from people who have been traumatized and are seeking to heal it
  • Administering a trauma support group both online and in person, with numbers over 3000 people sharing what works and what doesn’t -scroll to see link
  • Six years of 24-7 work on my own trauma journey
  • Reading over 50 books on trauma, holistic medicine, social dysfunctions, history, and allopathy
  • Over 15 years of working with clients who have chronic pain and injury as an exercise rehabilitation therapist
  • Engaging in multiple social media sites sharing insights on CPTSD, trauma, social dysfunction like misogyny, racism, poverty, medical harm, and political harm with hundreds of thousands of people from all demographics
  • Enrolling in multiple trauma informed programs for self regulation and self home care
  • Witnessing the real time wisdom from those that have healed and the innate communion between us and mother nature as she teaches us how to find our inner power to heal

The three essential ingredients to successful healing

Understanding of trauma / Education

One cannot help what one does not understand. There is the academic knowledge of trauma that is needed but more importantly, there is an innate appreciation for what it looks and feels like in an individual that deals with it. The “I get it” has a huge impact to the survivor. She/he feels heard, validated, and accepted. Nothing can build without the foundation of belonging and support by others. Trauma is shame and isolated based. Understanding decreases that as new opportunities to grow and unburden pain can be opened now.

Safety / Support

Trauma leaves survivors with little to none footings in themselves and in the world. Re-establishing these footings with people who can properly be with them throughout the journey of healing is integral. Humans are social beings. We cannot heal without safety and support being mirrored to us. It is that mirror that teaches us how to heal internally.


Taking safety and support to the next level using environmental resources of care. Healthy community breeds healthy individuals. This has been noted in historical and science journals since the dawn of studying them. It continues today and is one of the most lacking systems in our modern world where technology, work, politics, and globalization tear our local communities into isolated, online “connections.”

Check out our Therapies Page for more information on models of healing.

What do you think of the model? I’d love to hear from other trauma survivors.

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Blog, news, and support

Join others, and start your journey today.

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