Matriarchal Sermons – 1st – Existence started as Female

Welcome to my new series, Matriarchal Sermons; 1st is “Existence started as female.” I am compelled to share the hidden knowledge of women’s power from the books I’ve read and used to heal my trauma. Denied by patriarchal religions and scientific texts is the fact that all creation is done through the female sex. Women need to know their herstory to reclaim their power.

And if a woman can find her inner source of creation (having kids or not), she can discover that she can also heal her deepest and darkest wounds. After all, we are Mother Nature in human form.

The reading from the book starts at 3:25. I discuss my reason for doing this series and its impact on healing.

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A note from myself: as I mentioned in the video, I’m not some licensed priest or guru; I’m a simple woman finding her power through Mother Nature. This is the practice of matriarchy. There are no hierarchal teachings or men in robes we must pay homage to as the leader of the spiritual teachings. It’s just us, women, feeling and learning from the earth beneath our feet and the sky above us. That’s all we need. We have everything she has given us inside ourselves. We are denied knowing this and learning how to connect with it.

This series is about what I’ve gathered and experienced as a woman returning to her power after trauma took it away. Imagine if all women on earth found a way to do this. Imagine what we could do with our society.

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Matriarchal Sermons Series – 1st – Existence Started as female
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