Matriarchy heals gender ideology

The patriarchy is the founder of it

The more I study the history of the patriarchy and watch our present world deal with gender ideology, the more I see a chronic infection of suppression of women’s power. It’s time to heal it. I believe matriarchy heals gender ideology.

The below quote inspired this blog.

The Great Cosmic Mother.  A matriarchal history of suppression of women power. Return to Matriarchy,

Today, men are claiming to be women by simply dressing as one.

In the past, men dressed as women and performed rituals to ordain themselves with false power. It seems that men cannot gain leverage on their own unless it’s through death and destruction (from the hunter of the tribe to the leader of the corporation) or by mimicking women’s real and raw power. Why that is, I don’t know. I don’t understand why they do not seem to have it in their biology to do anything but destroy or copy, but that isn’t my job as a woman to figure out. I urge men wanting to find their purpose in the natural world to dig deep into history and physiology to discover what they need to know. 

For my purposes, I am intrigued and irritated to learn that all of the women’s natural power was taken over by men thousands of years ago, slowly and deeply, like dying from a thousand paper cuts. It still rings true today, and men are taking back their desire for mimicry in a new way – gender ideology. 

Men want our spaces, language, rights, and safety by playing dress-up. And people fall in line to appease them just like they did with patriarchal religions. To avoid sin in their eyes, men must be admired no matter the cost and history proves that the price is often death and destruction on a meteoric level. 

Men, it seems, need false ideologies to feel confident. Like the patriarchal religions stole from the matriarchal ones but then put a male sky god as superior compared to a female earth mother, gender ideology is another dogma trying to become a religious powerhouse where again, men playing women are more important than actual women.
They call it progress. They did the same thing when patriarchal religions were formed. Me? I long for the return to the matriarchy, the good old days, where truth and rationality were admired instead of imagination and delusion. 

Women are the Earth in human form.

We are the moon in menstruation. We are the womb, just like the oceans were when life on Earth started. Women are the fire of the sun to make things grow. We are the forests that commune with each other, and the tribes’ animals make to stay alive. We are the ones that make our daily bread, do onto others as they would do to us, and live by the idea of serving the one who feeds us – Mother Nature, the great mother. 

Women are the gods males continue to strive for and fail at. They may be happier if they just submit to their roles as servants to us rather than preach what we are to them. It might mitigate their all-consuming rage at never reaching their god potential. 

Whenever you see a male try to be a female, I ask you to look at the deep shame underneath the quest. Have compassion for their pain, but never let it enter your space. See it for what it is and fight for the return of the natural truth – women are the power they seek, and we shall never give it to them again, for we now understand what that means for us and our great mother. 

When you see a female try to be a male, look at the deep level of shame there too. But this time, look at it as their attempt to flee from the dangers of being a woman. They have suffered so intensely that they desire to remove themselves from their bodies and minds. Their history. Their raw power. They also need compassion and help to return to the truth of who they are. They need mentors and teachers like the old crones did with women in the past. Become the crone, not the one patriarchy tells us, but the real one where they lead communities because of their lived wisdom of womanhood and goddess power on Earth. 

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