Nervous system in action: my puppy learns to swim

primal Nervous system to Conscious Exploration

I took a video (it’s long) of my puppy during her first swimming lesson. At first, it was just for memories but as I was watching Lily (my pup), my academic mind came on board. I was watching the freeze, flight, fight, and flow of her little nervous system. From scared frozen to frantic swim to feeling out the water and learning about it, Lily made the journey in 12 mins from potential trauma to discovery and exploration.

The Polyvagal theory discusses fight/flight/freeze in more detail. You can learn about it here:

Can you catch the moments where she shifts her nervous system from one stage to the other?

I do talk a lot in this video so you may prefer to watch it with sound off.

I would like to thank The Canine Fitness Center for this precious experience with Lily.

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