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There are exciting additions to Returning to Her, healing from harm. We now have a store, free affirmations to download, info on a research program I am involved in, and a new topic to explore – Return to Matriarchy.


Our store has worksheets I have developed to help us return to our bodies and environment after trauma. Since 2016, I have been intensively involved in research, education, and my healing journey. I have created practices that have helped me feel whole, present, calm, and safe to explore my needs and wants. New worksheets will be added as I make them, so check the page often.

I am also working on a workbook for Returning to Her and hope to have it finished this year to purchase.

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Free to use and share affirmations when you need a pick me up from unuseful perceptions. All of them are written by me, Laura. During my journey, I often felt fragmented in my mind, getting bits of insight but needing a way to organize them into a complete practice. I would write these insights down and use them as anchors for when I felt frantic or shut down to help navigate my nervous system back to a place of flow rather than fight, flight, or freeze. These aren’t deep healing affirmations but tools for returning to the center when we feel off-center.

This page will be updated as I create more. Check often for new quotes.

Research program – radical mental health doula

I have been involved in a new research program called Radical Mental Health Doula this past year. It is being done with the University of Calgary and experienced doulas wanting to create a new area of mental healthcare.

If you know of doulas, you’ll know there are a variety of modalities, the most common being birth and death doulas. Doulas are emotional support workers for people during high-intensity life experiences, and dealing with mental health challenges is a high-intensity area.

I was happy to help to be a part of focus groups and create the curriculum for the program. The creators of this program asked people from all walks of life to participate in gathering as much information as possible about people’s thoughts on our mental health care industry. I discussed in great detail the importance of being trauma-informed.

In April of 2023, I will be among the first trained as an RMHD and will engage in a six-month experiment of working as a doula, reporting back my findings as we explore this new program. I will share my experience here. Do share this blog and ask others to subscribe if they are interested in learning more and perhaps getting involved as a client once the program launches publically.

Return to Matriarchy

A new page describing my social involvement and advocation for return to matriarchy. It’s a myth that the matriarchy is a flip of the patriarchy where women are at the top, which is patriarchal thinking. There is no hierarchy in matriarchal societies, and there is a balance between all species and mother nature.

In matriarchy, Mother Nature is worshipped as our creator and females are admired for our roles as creators. Communities are led by egalitarianism, where sustainability, liberty, safety, and love are honoured as core values. The mother is seen as one of the most important roles as she nourishes future generations. The mother is the physical act of raising her young and the archetypal figure of people nurturing communities.

Unlike patriarchal societies, these societies seek power with other life forms instead of power over them. That heals. Trauma is a product of power-over; it is when we live with power with which we recover.

Matriarchal societies collaborates well with the theme of this site. Returning to Her is returning to Her society: matriarchy, and also returning to her inside all of us, the laws of Mother Nature of health and vitality.

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