Return to Matriarchy

How to return to matriarchy

It’s not about grand gestures; although that’s the ultimate goal, it’s the little, everyday actions you can take to support the ripple effect of its imprint.

Practice Natural Alchemy

Witches were women full of the wisdom of healing, birth, and preparing for death. We still are witches. We have the innate and ancestral knowledge of digging into the disease and reseeding it with new roots to create life again. Whether it’s medicinal with herbs, love through peer support, or fighting injustice in our political systems, we are designed with the ability to transform harm into health.

  • Take time to return to your body every day. Listen and observe the messages lodged in your tissues that are yearning for care. Then follow the instructions. They often come in intuition, emotion, movement, sensation, and persistent thought.
  • Be in Mother Nature as often as possible. Use your senses to learn her messages of harmonious living. With every element and animal presence comes a truth showing us how to attune to the subconscious parts of us that run 90% of our nervous system. 
  • Heal your traumas. The trapped energy of pain is our life force wanting to mend its injuries. When it does, that energy is free to build and grow yourself into the person you’ve always longed to be. 

Natural alchemy undoes the suppression that patriarchy lives on to conquer. Patriarchy cannot match the power of rawness when it isn’t bound. Breaking the chains by learning how to root the raw power allows us to take down their destruction.

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Return to Matriarchy

Make women the priority in your life

This isn’t the opposite of patriarchy, where men lead and rule. This follows the instinct of nature, where females create life and community; therefore, holding primal positions is a natural way to preserve peace and growth. 

How is this natural?

Parthenogenesis – Dictionary definition – development of an egg without fertilization

Primordial – Dictionary definition – Constituting a beginning: giving origin to something derived or developed: original, elementary. First formed. Pertaining to or existing at or from the very beginning.

Historically, the earth started to evolve through parthenogenesis. 

“In the beginning… was a very female sea. For two and a half billion years on earth, all life forms floated in the womb like environment of the planetary ocean – nourished and protected by its fluid chemicals, rocked my the lunar-tidal rhythms. Because this longest period of life’s time on earth was dominated by marine forms reproducing parthenogenetically, the female body was primordial.”

– Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

Making women a priority is restoring the natural rhythm of life. It does not mean discarding men like patriarchy does with women. It means making sure the people with the most influence in our life are heard first and foremost.

  • Read books written by women, especially those that educate us on the forgotten history of being female, as shown above.
  • Listen to the women in your life. Don’t let them be ignored, denied, or hidden when they speak up. Be their ally and bring them to the front. Every woman has a story of tragedy and longing to be free. 
  • Filter news and education by which sex says it. Yes, men can and do say great things, but you’ll always find a woman who speaks the same and goes deeper into teaching it. 
  • Practice the laws of nature instead of the laws of man. Most of the latter were built to go against the former. Return yourself to grounded leadership. 
  • Follow great women changing our world. 
  • When you feel suppressed, follow that inner urge to breathe fire and speak the truth. 
  • Move, create, and feel. These are the basic foundations of our intuition. They are the callings of our life’s passions. 
  • Learn how to love, not romantic love, but natural love that flows from the spectrum of full receiving and nurturing to the ferocity of a mama lion protecting her tribe. 

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Blog, news, and support

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