Matriarchal Sermons – 1st – Existence started as Female

Welcome to my new series, Matriarchal Sermons; 1st is "Existence started as female." I am compelled to share the hidden knowledge of women's power from the books I've read and used to heal my trauma. Denied by patriarchal religions and scientific texts is the fact that all creation is done through the female sex. Women … Continue reading Matriarchal Sermons – 1st – Existence started as Female

A matriarchal spring equinox sermon

The spring equinox is here. How about a matriarchal sermon to honour her? Mother Nature is returning from hibernation to re-bloom life onto the earth. Animals are coming out of their dens and soon will be mating. While women can give birth all year long, I like to use this time of year to honour our divinity of creation. I made this poem.

Water as a resource to calm the fires inside of us, by Laura Rose.

Do you ever have moments when you feel like your insides are on fire? Water is the opposite of fire. I find using water as a resource soothes my body, mind, and brings me back down to feeling contained and grounded.