About her

Who is Her?

Her is creation. From life itself to every venture.

Her is substance. Providing for our needs to survive and thrive.

Her is home. Feeling peace, safety, love, and comfort.

Her is belonging. Having a community she can rely on.

Her is power. To live fiercely; passionate, confident, and bold.

Her is intuitive. Sensing strongly what is true, just, and noble.

Her is wise. Able to understand, inform, discern, and reflect.

Her is divine. Earth to sky, womb to skin, she IS mother nature.

Her is light. Discovering life with curiosity and play.

Her is dark. Sinking deep into places needing to heal.

The Big Her: Our collective mother who gives us all of the above: Mother Nature and her universe.

Return to her every week with our readings, meetups, and videos.

About Returning to Her

The oldest harm in history: misogyny. Every other form of oppression and trauma in our world stems from the teachings of patriarchy’s oldest notion: females in all species, mother earth, and matriarchal values are only useful as submissive conquests.

10,000 years has passed since this ideology developed and we are deeply poisoned by its effects. Yet, there have been waves of feminism sprouting across the ages. This is our contribution to the restoration of female power.

We are about returning to HER. The divine feminine in all of us that is born from the big HER: Mother Nature. In my years of seeking places of refuge to belong, I am finding others wanting the same thing. Women want a place to belong with other women who are working at creating a home within themselves and restoring the matriarchal values in society.

The matriarchy is not the reverse of the patriarchy. It is an egalitarian lifestyle upholding justice, compassion, and liberty for all creatures on earth, including mother earth. The matriarchy celebrates the divinity in all life and reclaims the divinity in being female.