Biweekly sessions plus membership


Biweekly sessions

done online or in person plus monthly membership services. This is a subscription product, paid monthly.


Two, one hour sessions, biweekly, done online or in person (depending on location) plus the following monthly membership:

  1. Unlimited texts to check in and chat. Support means consistent availability. I will take time out for self care like sleep, exercise, and downtime but I will be available for chats without the need to schedule a weekly appointment. These chats are not a full support session but check ins for when you need someone to talk too.
  2. Free access to my worksheets and upcoming recovery journal.
  3. Subscription to my blog emails.
  4. Online or in person session to practice nervous system regulation, mapping out your challenges and goals, and journal prompts to bring clarity and understanding to your situation. We will also discuss whatever current dilemma or idea planing occurs at that moment that you want to work on.
  5. Resources, referrals, and information of where and who to find what you need to thrive. Where to look when you don’t know.

Blog, news, and support

Join others, and start your journey today.

Blog, news, and support

Join others, and start your journey today.


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