About Me

Hi. I’m Laura Rose, creator of Returning to Her, healing from harm. 

I created this site for three reasons:

  • To share my personal story to give others a sense of belonging, hope, and power.
  • To share what I have learned from the education, research, and practice I’ve gathered.
  • To share why I believe resuming matriarchal values will heal our society.

my story

I was conceived, born, raised, taught, and married into trauma. Until age 40, I thought I was severely faulty with extreme mental illness and that my world was ordinary. Then one day, somebody close to me said, “If I intended to hurt you, it would be abuse.” That changed everything. 

The spell had lifted, and I suddenly had new hope that perhaps, just perhaps, there was something else to my suffering. What if I wasn’t faulty? What if I was abused?

My therapist confirmed it for me when she heard my history. She said, “Laura, you have CPTSD, and it’s from trauma and abuse.” I needed to hear that to start removing the shame of being wrong and heal the massive injury to my psyche and nervous system. 

I’ve been at it since 2016. I’m not done. But I have made great strides and am returning to the real and raw me underneath all the trauma. It’s slowly unravelling like a massive onion, layer by layer.

My Voice

With this discovery, I have opened my eyes to how the world lives through trauma and the better ways to heal it than conventional schools of thought. I realize the depths of despair women especially are put through and make it my passion to study radical feminism and the return to matriarchal values, which I believe is the key to returning our world to one of love and peace rather than suffering. 

Men and women are craving to come home to authenticity and vitality. While I speak to both audiences, my words come from my experience as a woman. 

My blog is my story, plus my findings. 

Healing trauma is where you will find programs, worksheets, videos, and online therapy resources. 

My work

Radical mental health doula project

I’m honoured to join the pilot project as a co-researcher and first-trained RHMD.

In 2022, I joined the project as a co-researcher to develop the program. We gathered in focus groups with people from numerous demographics to discuss how we can create a program to serve the mental health care industry gaps.

In April 2023, I will be among the first to train as a Radical Mental Health Doula. After the educational component, I will be involved in six months of practicum to do hands-on training and research.

I look forward to reporting my findings here and working with people once the apprenticeship completes and the program launches for general usage.

Check it out here:


I’m working on two books: poems and essays about abuse and trauma and a healing trauma workbook. They will be ready sometime in 2023.

Worksheets and online programs

You can find downloadable worksheets to practice grounding and get into your body safely on this site. In the foreseeable future, I will have online programs.


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